Ninja Seattle

WARNING: Before you start, I tend to use a lot of strong language (profanity) and other colorful forms of lexemes that might be frowned up
for those who are easily offended but I think I’m nice, blunt, and tend to speak with a soft voice. 

Hello, my name is Ken Fujimoto and I’m your average ninja.  I also speak conversational/business level Japanese and je parle un peu de français donc mon français est putain horribles, so we can get Sushi and maybe discuss the latest Fashion trends?  I’ll try my best to update the site on a weekly/monthly basis, but I’ve been very busy these days.  I love sharing new information and deleting deprecated code once it begins to phase out.

I also enjoy developing and coding websites but still hold a strong passion for design, music, and good espresso.
Thanks for dropping by!

NOTE: My English grammar isn’t great, so you might SeE some PReTTy Bad grammatical Errors and Horrible SYNtax with a dangling participle or two.